About Us

       The Baggery was established on the concept that fashionable need not be expensive. Many until now believe that luxury items from well known bags such as Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Prada, Chanel and Hermes up to elegant watches such as Omega, Rolexes, and Philippe Patek could only be purchased brand new and at exorbitant prices.

         The choice however that The Baggery intends to provide is for more to enjoy the same luxuries but on a more manageable price by selling pre-owned and top quality luxury items. Hence, the term “pre-loved” was coined on the notion that all these items at one point or another have been loved and passed on from one generation to the next, from mother to daughter and father to son.

         Here at the Baggery, it is our firm belief that one could own and love a pre-owned item with the quality and make that were meant to last for generations. It was also this belief that led the company to focus on the rare and unique care that must be made on items so loved. Thus, with the team of skilled experts, services for the repair and restoration of luxury items were established prolonging the items lifetime and preventing further damage.

          Furthermore, it was also through the concepts realized by the company that it also discovered the certain need of buyers and keepers to change their inventory from time to time. The company understands that as people grow and mature, their needs change, and with such evolution came a change in preference, and when the need came agreed to purchase items that its customers believe they have outgrown in order to make room for new styles and preference that came with age, maturity and social status. Thus, a new business took flight where the company purchases luxury items for those who would offer in order for the same customer to buy from us.

           Finally, the company takes pride in the fact that it exclusively sells original items, and with it the expertise to spot replicas or “fakes” with unmatched authority. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to provide the needed service of ensuring the authenticity of luxury items.

The company provides the following services for customers:

SELLING:The Baggery sells a wide range of affordable brand new and pre-owned authentic luxury items;

BUYING:The Baggery will purchase authentic luxury items at reasonable appraisal value, if it’s authentic, we can appraise and buy it from you;

RESTORATION:We restore faded leather, polish tarnished hardware and replace or repair damaged portions of your luxury items. We invite you to give it a try.

AUTHENTICATION: The Baggery can issue Certificates of Authentication for items, providing in detail the findings.